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Jackson Grills

Founded in 1999, Jackson Grills has grown to be one of Canada's leading Specialty Grill Manufacturers. We are proud to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of serving our loyal customers. Jackson Grills manufactures a high end product for every application assuring there's a grill for every event. Whether it is a Jackson Outdoor Kitchen, one of our high performance cart models or the award winning Versa Series portables grills, Jackson Grills can provide you with the best in class.

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Jackson Grills Accessories - Versa

Jackson Grills Accessories - Versa "Clip on" Stainless Steel Tray

* Fits Versa100 Series BBQs

This is a "clip on" SS tray with white cutting board that clips onto the front of a Versa grill. Excellent for holding a beverage can, condiments and to cut and prep food on.


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