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Sunglo Patio Heaters - Black Natural Gas

Sunglo Patio Heaters - Black Natural Gas

Natural Gas BLACK Model #: A242NG-DSI
M.S.R.P. $1099.99
THE BBQ SHOP Price: $969.99

 (3.44 MB)



  • Completely self-contained, no electrical required
  • 100% Safety Shutoff Control
  • Constant Pilot, 50,000 BTU per hour input rating
  • Uses Natural Gas (hooks up to house outlet)
  • Durable Stainless Steel finish
  • 15' Average Diameter area coverage
  • Raises temperature 5-10o F.
  • Corrosion Resistant Construction
  • A.G.A. and C.G.A. Design Certified
  • Natural Gas hose and Hansen Nipple not included
  • Push button spark ignition system (AA Battery Operated)

Clearances to combustables:
Sides - 24"
Rear - 24"


1 year on all components


Natural Gas Hose available in 10ft / 15ft / 20ft / 25ft

QDH-N12 - 25

The new attractive Sunpak stainless steel heater will increase the use and enjoyment of your outdoor dining areas.
The warm red glow of radiant heat attracts people to your outdoor tables on cool days and evenings, times
when your patio might otherwise be empty.



The Sunpack S34-TSR patio heater now combines ease and elegance, with its stainless steel finish and new wireless remote control which allows the radiant heat to be adjusted from high to low, on or off.

A wall-mounted timer can be pre-set to turn the heater off automatically to conserve energy.

Sunpack`s slim design and mounting option allows versatility for your patio


• Two Heat Level Settings:
Low: 25,000 BTU
High: 34,000 BTU

• Average area heated by ine heater is 100 square feet (10 ft. x 10 ft.)

• Can be mounted horizontally straight downwards, or up to a 30 degree angle

• When using multiple heaters, space them at least 2 ft. apart from each other so that each heater has adequate combustion air       


DOWNLOAD BROCHURE                                    


Clearance to Combustibles

Mounting Angle: Horizontal

Side In: 24``
Rear In: 17``
Ceiling In: 13``
Below In: 48``

Mounting Angle: 30 Degree Max

Side In: 24``
Rear In: 8``
Ceiling In: 18``
Below In: 48``

 Pricing: Please call for details 

Sunpack S34-TSHW

The Sunpak S34-TSHW (Two Stage Hardwired) are all hardwired for convenience with no remote control to lose or batteries to replace. This heater is easily controlled with a duplex switch.  Sunpak is CSA design-certified as an unvented infrared heater for outdoor use. All units are equipped with spark ignition and 100% shutoff for safety, economy and convenience. Select the optional face trim in Black, Bronze or Stainless Steel to give the Model S34-TSHW a streamlined appearance..

The Sunpak® Model S34-TSHW is an outdoor rated heaters available for use with natural or propane gas. These heaters can be either wall or ceiling mounted. The optional mounting kit allows this heater to be mounted from above keeping the patio deck free and clear. Heat coverage varies depending on the wind exposure on patio. The average spacing between the heaters is 10 feet apart.

Sunpak® comes with a 24 VAC spark ignition system which includes flame monitoring through flame rectification. All Sunpak S34-TSHW Heaters require an external 24 VAC source.

As an unvented gas heater, Sunpak® heaters need a continuous supply of fresh air and proper ventilation of combustion gases to operate safely. This heater is not suitable for inside residences and other confined areas where the operational and safety requirements of this heater cannot be met. Refer to heater instructions, available online or from manufacturer for complete information.

The Sunpak® heater design offers a slim profile which works well in a wide variety of patio settings. Sunpak® heaters are available in either black powder coat or a 304 stainless steel finish.


  • Slim Profile (8″ H x 8″ W x 47-1/2″)
  • Hi/Lo Control (25K to 34K BTUH)
  • Natural or Propane Gas
  • Angle Mounting – Zero to 30 Degrees
  • Ideal for Wind Protected Areas
  • Rain Protected
  • 24 VAC Controls
  • Optional Face Trims (stainless steel, black or bronze)
  • Optional Mounting Kit
  • Optional 24 VAC Tranformer
  • Weight: 41 lbs 



         Pricing: Please call for details 


Transformer 115 volts to 24 volts #IN-90048
M.S.R.P $35.99
THE BBQ SHOP Price: $28.99

Sunpack Stainless Steel Face Trim Kit #IN-12020
M.S.R.P. $115.99
THE BBQ SHOP Price: $110.99


IN-120015 Sunpak S25 Black NG
M.S.R.P $899.99
THE BBQ SHOP Price: $789.99

IN-120016 Sunpak S25 Stainless Steel NG
M.S.R.P $999.99
THE BBQ SHOP Price: $877.99

IN-120025 Sunpak S34 Black NG
M.S.R.P $999.99
THE BBQ SHOP Price: $877.99

IN-120026 Sunpak S34 Stainless Steel NG
M.S.R.P $1099.99
THE BBQ SHOP Price: $964.99

Black Paint units require mounting bracket
M.S.R.P $79.99
THE BBQ SHOP Price: $57.99

Stainless Steel units require mounting bracket
M.S.R.P $147.99
THE BBQ SHOP Price: $114.99


In accordance with the warranty terms and conditions specified below.
Infrared Dynamics (the warrantor) will furnish the ORIGINAL OWNER,
1) a replacement Infrared Dynamics’ heater or 2) a replacement part
for any component part which fails before one year when used for
residential use. When the heater has been used for other than single
family residential applicationthe warranty shall be 90 days.

• Direct spark ignition
• 100% safety shutoff.
• Natural Gas or Propane.
• Decorative safety grill.
• Slim profile.
• S25 25,000 BTU's
• S34 34,000 BTU's


(5.11 MB)

Clearance to Combustibles

  Height: 8'
Spread of Heat: 8'
Height: 9'
Spread of Heat: 10
  30° ANGLE 30° ANGLE
' Height: 7'
Spread of Heat: 8'
Height: 8'
Spread of Heat: 10'




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