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Traeger BBQ Accessories


Item #: BAC227

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Item #: BAC211

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Item #: BAC254

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For Lil Tex #: BAC222

For Texas Grill #: BAC223

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For Lil Tex #: BAC214

For Texas Grill #: BAC213

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For Junior #: BAC309

For Lil Tex #: BAC260

For Lil Tex Elite #: BAC210

For Texas Grill #: BAC261

For Li Pig #: BAC308

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Pellets: $20.00 each

Alder - PEL307
Apple - PEL313
Cherry - PEL309
Garlic - PEL312
Hickory - PEL304
Maple - PEL308
Mesquite - PEL305
Oak - PEL310
Onion - PEL311
Pecan - PEL314

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There are three important temperatures EVERY outdoor cook should be familiar with:

a) Outside Temperature - determines if your food is going to cook fast or slow depending on how hot or cold it is outside.

b) Cooking Grid Temperature - what the temperature is in the cooking chamber of your grill. This will help you determine how long it will take the meat to cook. RULE OF THUMB: At 350 degrees F, meat will cook at twenty minutes per pound. So, a 10 pound turkey will take approximately 3:33 hours to fully cook at 350 degrees.

c) Internal Meat Temperature - this is your "target" temperature. It tells you if your meat has come up to the proper temperature and is ready to eat. We recommend following the USDA meat temperature guidelines.
1) Not all meat thermometers are accurate. Here's how to test yours: Place a pan of cold water on your stove, heat up on high until the water begins to boil-which is 212 degrees F. Place stem of the thermometer into the water for one minute. If it is properly calibrated, it should read 212 degrees F.
2) Purchase only those thermometers with a nut on the back of the dial housing. This allows you to calibrate the dial indicator by using a pair of pliers to adjust the temperature indicator.
3) Those temperature forks are rarely accurate. Better: Purchase a good quality meat or instant reading meat thermometer and use it every time you cook outdoors.
4) Instant reading--or pocket type ---thermometers are only to be left in the meat for one minute---not for the entire length of time you're cooking your meat.

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