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Smokerin Smoker Set

Smokerin Smoker Set

Item #: SMST-0304
THE BBQ SHOP Price: $39.99

The patented smoker set is custom-made from 304 heavy gauge stainless steel. This specially engineered smoker box is designed with a special draft and flow through for maximum smoke. The oval-shaped smoker box fits between the burner deflector bars of most gas grills. The smoker set also comes with a unique handle and locking mechanism, designed for quick removal, refill or to replace the smoker box.


Soak wood chips for 15 minutes or more with water, beer, wine or other flavoured liquid of your choice. Drain wood chips and place in smoker box, close the lid and use the handle to place it on the grill or directly on the burner deflector bars. Once smoking, move the to the top of the grill for slow smoking. For the best smoke flavour, cook with the lid closed.

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