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Infratech WD - Series Dual Element Heaters

Infratech WD - Series Dual Element Heaters

Dual element fixtures produce more concentrated heat and can be mounted up to 14 feet high. These fixtures are ideal for use in settings that require higher mounting height requirements, or when more intense directional heat is desired. Dual element heaters are available in 4,000, 5,000 and 6,000 watt models.

240V 3000 33" Long Model # IT-WD3024SS
Average Area Heated - 7' x 7' at 8' High
MSRP $720.00
THE BBQ SHOP Price :$650.00
240V 4000W  39" Long Model #: IT-WD-4024SS
Average Area Heated - 8' x 10' at 10' High
MSRP $735.00
THE BBQ SHOP Price :$665.00

?240 V 5000W 39" Long Model #: IT-WD-5024SS
?Average Area Heated - 9' x 10' at 10' High
MSRP $750.00
THE BBQ SHOP Price :$675.00

240V 6000W 61 1/4" Long Model #: IT-WD-6024SS
?Average Area Heated - 11' x 11' at 12' High
MSRP $865.00
THE BBQ SHOP Price :$780.00

Also available in 5 custom heaters Black,White,Beige,Almond and Bronze additonal up charge

Mount Ceiling Flush 33" Heater  Item # IT-18-2295
MSRP $610.00
THE BBQ SHOP Price :$550.00

Mount Ceiling Flush 39" Heater  Item # IT-18-2300
MSRP $610.00
THE BBQ SHOP Price :$550.00

Mount Ceiling Flush 61" Heater  Item #it-18-2305
MSRP $665.00
THE BBQ SHOP Price :$600.00

** Flush mount enclosures do not carry any ULC label as they are not an electrical component that can be tested to an electrical standard. If you are quotating these parts, we suggest you obtain approval from the local electrical inspecting authority first.

Bracket Item # IT-22-1151


  • Maximum Efficiency.
  • Heats Indoors and Outdoors.
  • Provides Spot Heat to Exposed Areas.
  • Simple Low Cost Installation.
  • Now available in Stainless Steel or Standard Powder Coat Finish.
  • UL Listed.
  • Units Can Be Regulated for Desired Heat Output.
  • NEW Multi-Zone Control Systems Now Available.
  • No Moving Parts Low Maintenance.
  • One Year Factory Warranty.
  • Wide Range of Accessories Available.



Installation Options

Flush Mount Control Switch
Choose the control option that works best for your desired control capabilities or budget.

Infratech Flush Mount Switch


Heaters are available from 33" to 61" in length, and Power Options range from 120V to 240V. Optional low cost heat regulators are also available.

Incremental Control For Heater (120V) IT144092 $69.00 
Incremental Control For Heater (240V) IT144094 $69.00



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