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Why choose our deluxe setup service?

Let's face it. You have better things to do with your time then to read pages and pages of assembly instructions.

Yes some people enjoy building things but when it comes to BBQ's, most people don't have help,  the space, the right tools or the patience. It may seem easy but some of the new BBQs are very heavy and require more people and more time to assemble because they have many parts.

Those who decide to assemble their own BBQs often have parts left over or they don't assemble the BBQ correctly which is a safety concern. As with any gas appliance, safety should be #1 priority.

We have had customers call us from home to come and assemble the BBQ for them because they thought they could do it themselves but then got frustrated. They didn't realize how long it actually takes to assemble a BBQ...right! This is always a more costly resolution.

Our deluxe setup service allows you to enjoy your bbq , firepit or patio furniture without worrying about all the bolts and nuts. You will have peace of mind knowing that everything was assembled right and it works great!  

We also offer removal and recycling of your old BBQ so no need to push your grill out to the curb. Let us retire it for you.

Get our deluxe setup service and enjoy your summer.

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