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Here is what some of our clients had to say about us...


Superb!!! It’s so nice when your expectations are exceeded when dealing with retail transactions. I needed parts.....they took them off a floor model to save me time and both the phone and store interactions were extremely pleasant and professional! My highest recommendations!!! A great family store!
Jamie N

We have dealt with the BBQ Shop on a few occasions now and have always found them helpful. We bought a BBQ a couple of years back and still love it and it is still as great as when we first bought it. We then went to look at their deck heaters and found one for a great deal. Alia was very helpful and told us that the glass surround was on back order and that she would give us a call when it came in. So we went in to pick it up today. We were heading to a different store to look at a patio chair when we noticed that they had the Adirondack chairs in store. I didn’t want one at first thinking that they were uncomfortable but I sat in one. Wow. I was shocked. Very comfortable and I said to my husband, “ you’ll find me here when you’re looking for me this summer”. Alia, went in the back to let us know how much stock they had. She was very helpful and told us that these chairs were made of recycled plastic and the colours don’t fade and they can last forever.
We love the items we get from the BBQ Shop and will definitely return to see what else they have in store.
Thanks Alia
Dianne M


My wife and I recently purchased a Napoleon Prestige BBQ from this store. We were both very pleased with the service and advice given.   After some questioning about our needs, the Napoleon BBQ was recommended --- and it has exceeded our expectations!

We also liked that it is a family business - which is always nice to see and support. 

We definitely recommend this business and its owners.

Rob A.

I am the proud new owner of a Napoleon grill 425ssb. I can't say enough about this one, perfect BBQ, just like the service I received from Nash while making the decision to go with Napoleon Grills.

Jeff G.

I sent an email Wednesday morning, within 2 hours they phoned with the info I had requested so I ordered the bbq part I needed. It is now only Friday morning 9 am and the part has just arrived. Fantastic service, good value. Excellent customer service. I will certainly use these guy's again. Their web site has been added to my favorites list. Thanks BBQ SHOP.

Frank L.

Good selection, very knowledgable, and this family business had prices that were even better than the big chains. I saved money, got all of the information I needed, and met some really nice people. Thanks.

Robert G.

I stopped by their shop to look at a grill for my daughters patio and was greeted promptly. I explained what I was looking for and they showed me several options from quite inexpensive to some high end units. They took the time to show me the differences and advantages of all the grills and did not push the more expensive models. They told me the prices, which were well below the msrp, and gave me time to go back and forth. I ended up selecting a beautiful Jackson Grill and my daughter loves it.

Thank you for your time and expertise. I would not hesitate to recommend you and I will return when it is time for another grill.

Tarek K.

Out natural gas grill finally expired, and, after much research, we decided to purchase a new grill from your shop. We found what we wanted at an excellent price, and opted to have you assemble and deliver the grill. The two people required to get the two hundred thirty pound grill up the stairs to our deck were friendly and helpful. After they left we noticed the cabinet door and drawers were somewhat out of alignment. We returned on a Saturday and our salesman introduced us to the technician who assembled the grill. He assured us that all units are properly assembled and checked before leaving the shop. He suggested how we could correct the problem, and added that if we still had an issue he would be happy to come out himself (!!!).

Long story short, I relocated the grill and everything is now perfect. Based on our experience with your staff’s  good  service, I am glad we chose The BBQ Shop over the same product from an American chain. Highly recommended, thank you.

Gordon and Sharon
Delta, BC

Thank you so much for calling so late into your Sunday night to help. You are a BBQ troubleshooting genius. Your idea of using another fuel tank solve our problem!

You are right it isn't the Napoleon (I am so glad!!!) that was broken, it was the brand new fuel tank (who would have guessed)! In any case, I would recommend your store to anyone I know.

Thanks again for all your help. I just wanted to let you know I appreciate you taking your time to help us out :)

Warm Regards,

Doris L.

Google Review From Martin W.

My wife and I recently bought a fire table for our patio from The BBQ Shop and I have to say these guys have some of the best customer service we have ever dealt with. They ALWAYS answer the phone when you call even after hours which is just awesome especially when you might have an issue or question you need addressed. It's a family run business and everyone is super friendly. We got a great deal on our table from them and after taking it home and having issues with missing parts (obviously from the manufacturer) they were willing to come out to our house (which is not close to the shop) and drop off the missing piece from another unit they had in stock. Then two days later after having assembled the table and we couldn't figure out why it wouldn't light, the owner came out and took a look at it and helped us figure out what we were apparently not doing right. If I am in the market for a new grill, patio furniture, or accessories or know anyone else that is we will definitely be recommending them. Thanks for all the help, you guys are awesome!

Reply to Martin W. from THE BBQ SHOP

Thanks Martin for your wonderful review and your kind and thoughtful words. We appreciate your business and recognize the fact that you traveled quite far from your home to purchase from our store. I hope you enjoy your firepit and the summer. Thanks once again, Alnasir ( Nash ) Shivji The BBQ Shop, Port Coquitlam

Google Review From C Wiegand

I recently purchased a BBQ from the BBQ Shop. Sam was a knowledgeable salesman and helped me choose the BBQ that was best for me. Although there were issues with the grill that I purchased, the BBQ Shop was quick to fix the problems. The level of customer service that I received was to a very high standard, I couldn't have asked for better service. I would recommend anyone looking to purchase a high end BBQ make sure that they stop by BBQ Shop and have a look around.

Reply to C Wiegand from THE BBQ SHOP

Thank you C for your fantastic review. We really appreciate the kind words. Please enjoy your summer and your new BBQ Alnasir (Nash) Shivji The BBQ Shop

Google Review From Martin W.

My wife and I recently bought a fire table for our patio from The BBQ Shop and I have to say these guys have some of the best customer service we have ever dealt with. They ALWAYS answer the phone when you call even after hours which is just awesome especially when you might have an issue or question you need addressed. It's a family run business and everyone is super friendly. We got a great deal on our table from them and after taking it home and having issues with missing parts (obviously from the manufacturer) they were willing to come out to our house (which is not close to the shop) and drop off the missing piece from another unit they had in stock. Then two days later after having assembled the table and we couldn't figure out why it wouldn't light, the owner came out and took a look at it and helped us figure out what we were apparently not doing right. If I am in the market for a new grill, patio furniture, or accessories or know anyone else that is we will definitely be recommending them. Thanks for all the help, you guys are awesome!

Reply to Martin W. from THE BBQ SHOP

Thanks Martin for your wonderful review and your kind and thoughtful words. We appreciate your business and recognize the fact that you traveled quite far from your home to purchase from our store. I hope you enjoy your firepit and the summer. Thanks once again, Alnasir ( Nash ) Shivji The BBQ Shop, Port Coquitlam

Google Review From Allan L.

Found a Broil King XL on clearance and the friendly folks put the bbq on hold for me to come pick it up. They even left it on hold for over 5 days as i was unable to pick it up which is unusual as most places wont do that for sale/clearance items especially on something that sells itself. I am really big on customer service and i can say that this is one of the rare Canadian retailers that I really enjoy spending my money at. I like these guys just as much as the american Nordstroms. Bought more things since as they have a crazy selection of accessories. Their knowledge and friendly service is greatly appreciated and these guys have done a great job with keeping up with the "informed customer" of todays internet age. Ive been to a few shops over the past few years looking at a mid to higher end bbq and never quite felt like these people cared that i was spending 1500-2000 dollars on a Q. I get that its all relative but these guys never made me feel unappreciated. I will be a customer for a long time.

Reply to Allan L. from THE BBQ SHOP

Thank you Allan for your fantastic review, we appreciate your business and value your comments, it made our day to read your review. I hope you get many years of enjoyment from the Broil King BBQ you bought from our store. Enjoy your summer. Alnasir ( Nash ) Shivji The BBQ Shop

From John G.

I came into your store to purchase a longer hose for my natural gas bbq. After standing at the counter waiting for 5 minutes while a clerk worked on a computer, she finally looked up and referred me to man with some physical impairment. He turned out to be one of the rudest man I have ever encountered. I was not able to get any answers to my questions or discuss anything in a reasonable manner. I was told to come back with my hose for him to look at even though it is 25 miles back to my home and the hose is exactly the same as the ones there? I wanted to use a quick connect at the bbq as well as the one on the hose if possible.
The clerk was rude and honestly stupid. I had to leave the store as he was way to difficult to deal with. I will never return and will inform all the people I know to use another dealer.
I have an engineering degree and am being talked down to by someone that can not even carry on a reasonable conversation. He appears to be prejudiced bigot.
John G.

Reply to John from THE BBQ SHOP

Thanks John for taking the time to send a review.
Safety is paramount when explosive fuel such as propane and natural is used in our back yards. In my over 35 years of business in the BBQ equipment industry, I have been asked many times for bbq connections involving longer hoses. We sell a lot of hoses, however I will NOT sell a hose and fittings ( even if I have them in stock ) when from the explanation from the customer is that i want a hose with 2 male connections. If the hose has 2 male connections and one end is plugged into a live natural gas dispenser, the other end will start spilling natural gas which is dangerous. The correct way is to have a one piece hose from the supply to the bbq. So I ask a lot of questions and to be comfortable I ask for the original hose and connections so I can see the sizes. Today, we run into multiple variations of sizes for the supply and and at the bbq end, the notion of STANDARD bbq hoses does not apply. Of course we sell more of one size than others but I dont want to guess what will fit the customers BBQ, even is travel to the bbq and back is 25 minutes or more, it is worth it to be safe then sorry. For the sake of a few dollars profit I will not sell a hose and fittings that can be connected to make a hose with 2 male ends ( unsafe)
I bet if you had brought in the hose and the brand name of the bbq, your experience would have been completely different. We have provided solutions for bbq connections to all our customers who buy their bbq from us. We even have provided solutions for bbqs that were not bought from us ( mostly Big Box Stores ) and the customer could not get answers from the box store. I hope you have found a safe way to connect your bbq and got your solution from your bbq provider.


Google Review from Jeff P.

Good over all experience. I had a good idea what I wanted coming into the store and was thinking one of three grills. Without tipping the sales person off as to what those 3 were, I asked some questions and he directed to me exactly the ones I was thinking about. A few more questions and I was able to make a confident purchase. Even better, I had them deliver the BBQ and they assembled it for me. Unfortunately one of the grill was defective, but they took it away and returned the next day with a new one. They test fired it an showed my girlfriend how to operate it (me being at work at the time) and even took my old/dead BBQ away for me! Very good service and I will recommend them in the future.

Google Review from Evan H.

Excellent experience! Burhan was our sales rep and he was incredibly helpful, asking many questions before suggesting the right BBQ for us, and he nailed it. We ended up also getting an umbrella plus some extra's for the BBQ... Great service from the start and they really tried to help with our old broken BBQ before I decided I just wanted a new one. I won't go anywhere else for BBQ and outdoor furniture now.

I brought in the wrong part number for my weber bbq and they actually figured it out. Had it in stock 3 burner kit for weber plus flavor heat plates stainless steel, oh so nice after 7 years new weber bbq again. Great services give it a 10
Thank you!


What a treat doing business with the BBQ shop. Great Service.

J&M Hunter


I purchased a Saber barbecue in June, and recently noticed that the left-side burner was on 'high' regardless of the position of the control knob. I tend to use the right-side burner, as I'm just cooking for two. I thought the control valve was at fault so I removed it and took it to your shop, requesting a replacement. As it was a Saturday, I was informed that a replacement would be delivered and installed on Monday. Wow, superb customer relations. On Monday, your technician, Burhan Salimi, arrived. As I was out at the time, he had to deal with my wife. Upon returning my wife said that he had diagnosed the problem . It was not the control valve;  the wrong control knob, 'Natural Gas', had been fitted at the factory. Burhan said that he would deliver the correct knob the next day. He did, and the Saber is now working correctly.

I want to express my thanks to both the 'bbqshop' staff, and to Burhan for providing excellent customer service. I did not expect this superior level of service; you have all done well.

Again, many thanks, and I am now a very satisfied customer.


R. B. C.

My experience at the BBQ Shop from start to finish was fantastic.

Shameer spent quite a bit of time with me figuring out what it was I was looking for. He then helped me narrow my search down to three brands/models. A Napoleon, a Weber and a Jackson Grills. He provided me with websites to all three brands as well as encouraged me to check out the BBQ Shops website. I left there feeling very educated and not pressured into one particular BBQ. After doing my research I came back to the BBQ Shop (even though I am sure I could have found similar BBQs elsewhere) as I found the initial service and pricing to be very good.

After committing to the purchase I was handed over to Nash who rang up my purchase. Nash informed me that the BBQs were on order and it would come in about 3 weeks (it showed up within the 3 weeks as promised). Nash ended up selling me on the benefits of having the BBQ delivered as opposed to me picking it up and spending an afternoon putting it together(anyone who has put together a BBQ knows how long that can take and how frustrating it can be sometimes). My instincts were to pick it up (or even have them assemble it for me and pick it up), but I opted for the delivery and was so glad I did. On the day of delivery I received a call from Al and Bob to let me know that they were on their way. When they arrived they opened up the truck and there standing so pristine was my brand new Napoleon grill...it was a thing of beauty! Al and Bob brought the grill off the truck, around the back of our house (carrying it over the grass so as not to get the wheels dirty and full of wet grass), then proceeded to set the BBQ up in the spot I wanted. They hooked up the propane, and walked me through several features and showed me how to light up the BBQ. Al also provided lots of hints and tips on how to maintain the grill (including several things I may would not have thought of). They cleaned off all the excess packaging and cardboard and took it all away leaving me with just this beautiful BBQ on my patio.

I cannot say enough good things about the service I received from the BBQ Shop from start to finish, they were all professional, helpful and had a great attitude and enthusiasm with the way they served me. With the warranty that comes with the Napoleon I may not buy another grill again for a very, very long time, the BBQ Shop offers lots of BBQ accessories and other patio goodies (heaters, fire pits) that will keep me as a customer for life. Not only that, but I am going to recommend anyone looking for a grill or patio heater etc to go to the BBQ Shop...you will NOT be disappointed.

Jason G.

We bought a Napoleon Pro500 here on April 19, 2013. Prior to attending, I telephoned and spoke with Sam Mulji. He was very helpful and our conversation encouraged me to travel from the Fraser Valley to the store. I did not receive this same level of knowledge and service from stores I called in Chilliwack, Abbotsford and Vancouver.

At the store, we were greeted by Sam who provided clear, no nonsense information. He readily demonstrated the differences between the various models and the benefits of each. This store definitely has the largest display of Napoleon bbq's and accessories that I have ever seen...and I checked and called most stores in BC.

The staff at the store were not pushy and gave us the time we needed to decide on our own. Without our suggestion, Sam compared prices online and reduced the store's price to match the lowest (similar model) one.

The customer service we received in the store was exceptional including helpful advice on hooking up the natural gas at our home. We returned the next day to purchase a cover and again received the same level of service. A week later, we attended to purchase a Rib & Roast rack with similar experiences. During this visit, Sam offered some of his personal seasoning for our steaks...it was excellent!

Overall, our experience with the staff and this store has been outstanding. We are surprised by the negative reviews as those were far different from our experiences especially since we attended the store multiple times.


I can not say enough about how good these guys are. My wife surprised me on my birthday with a new BBQ 2 years ago and the guys were fantastic at explaining everything about BBQ's to us when we were in there looking a while before she bought it. They were also great when they came out to set it all up and take our old one away, so that when I got home, it was a huge surprise.

Well, 2 years later, I walked in and asked about some flaking on one of the grills, but they simply looked up which unit I had, handed me a new grill and a great discount coupon, which they presented to me in one of their coffee mugs..
Customer service is a lost art for most companies, but not with these folks, they are excellent. I'm so glad we bought from here and will recommend to anyone that this is the place to buy a BBQ.

Doug T.

I bought the BBQ on Saturday. Thank you for your assistance and time to explain things to me. I’m very happy with my selection and the service at The BBQ Shop was exceptional.

Mavis B.

I had such a tough time finding a propane fire pit in stock anywhere mid-summer (in our price range) and was thrilled to receive an e-mail from you only 2 days before our big camping trip.....you had just re-stocked the Outlander! You even let me send my courier to pick it up on a rush so that we had it in time!
Thank you so much....the fire pit was an absolute hit for two families, 9 ppl in total. Everything about it was perfect! The kids had so much fun roasting their marshmallows and weenies....well so did the adults actually :)

Fabulous product.....fabulous service!!
Thanks again.

Wanita P.

Normally I don't write letters, but I thought I must pass along to you my appreciation of our recent transactions. Dealing with someone over the phone in a distant city is always a little anxiety-provoking. I very much appreciated your clarity, discussion of the various alternatives for replacement parts for my Weber BBQ, the total lack of any feeling of "upselling", your preparedness to adjust the order when, due to my own fault, I needed a further part, and, in addition, the fact that I could phone you with an order late on Wednesday afternoon and it was delivered to my door in Victoria on Thursday.

Truly outstanding service; I very much appreciate it, and will have no problem telling any of my friends to give you a call (I already have).

Don M.

I bought a Napoleon 500 series and it is by far the best bbq I've ever had. Thanks to the staff at THE BBQ SHOP for the impeccable service. The best service I've ever had! Thanks.

P. Pineau

Great BBQ shopping experience, from purchase to delivery. Highly recommended

S. Emerson

I was having a problem with a bbq I had bought from rona a few years ago. Not knowing anything about bbq' I stopped using it as I felt it was a danger. Finaly I checked online for a parts dealer that might be able to help me. I came across, "The BBQ Shop". By the next day I was on the Phone with Nash. To my pleasant surprise I was given advice on how to remedy the problem without any push to buy parts. Sure enough their solution worked and we have a working bbq again......A very honorable gesture that speaks to their integrity as a company!!

V. Zapata

The replacement parts for my Porta-Chef showed up yesterday as you expected. I did install the 3 parts this morning and it was a snap I have found in the past when buying replacement parts something always goes wrong or they don’t fit as they should, these ones went in the way they were suppose to. It was a pleasure dealing with you and getting the right stuff. If I ever need any other BBQ Parts I will definitely be contacting you.

Thank you,

W. Cartwright
Kamloops B C

Incredible service. We had made an inquiry for a specialty item via email with Nash. At the time he wrote back saying it may be several months before the product would come in and that he would let us know when the product arrived. Sure enough he let us know the product was in. We confirmed the order and to my surprise that evening the product was hand delivered by Nash and his family. A true spirit of free enterprise!

L. Gillanders

These guys are great. I bought a Weber from a large chain store (my mistake) and when the gas fitter couldn't hook it up, of course no one could help me. I went online and found the BBQ shop. I called and instantly the guy knew exactly what I wanted and how to fix it. I will buy all my products from the BBQ Shop from now on!

D. Giddings

I discovered the bbq shop a couple years ago when looking for my first smoker. I found the best place with the best selection in my own backyard here in Poco. Nash and crew helped point me in the right direction with all the equipment needed to get started. Soon after it was time to upgrade my home propane BBQ. I browsed the internet and read reviews and came down with a couple brands that I was interested in. I found in the end the BBQ shop had ALL of them. When I showed up they were very knowledgable about all there grills. I really liked how they didnt upsell me the most expensive grill in the shop but got me into what suited my needs. Since then I have got to know the whole clan and keep returning to buy all my bbq equipment without shopping anywhere else. I have now purchased a second smoker and a camping bbq as well. I send all my friends here to pick up there gear and would recommend everyone else to as well.

R. Johnson

It is well worth your time to make the trip to The BBQ Shop. We just purchased a Weber BBQ and we couldn't be happier with our experience. The staff really know their product, and will direct you to the BBQ that best suits your situation. They even recommended less costly solutions on BBQ gear we were prepared to pay more for! We had a small issue once our BBQ was assembled, but thanks to Al we were up and running the next day. You can shop with total confidence at The BBQ Shop. We will recommend them without reservation.

Brad and Deirdre L.

I promised I'd send you a photo of the new Fire Pit once we had finished painting it. And perhaps now is a good time to say how much we enjoyed doing business with you. You were very patient with us as we took our time making the decision which product to buy. I have to say I was a bit nervous about buying such a pricey piece....one that wasn't the color we wanted and gambled in it being ok to paint. And then you delivered it and set it up for me and that was above and beyond what I expected.....great service to your customer! Thank you and Nash again for you superior service.

Doug and Juanita

We purchased a Jackson Grill bbq from The BBQ Shop two years ago and when we had to get replacement parts for our BBQ the staff were Very friendly and Very helpful !! Keep up the good work!

Larry Chung

We purchased a Napoleon Prestige II 450 about 2 years ago and were very pleased with both the service and quality of the unit. Nash and his team delivered it to our door and have provided superior after-sales service since. We always make sure we mention the BBQ Shop to anyone who we know that is in the market for a new barbeque. Definitely the best source for Vancouver BBQ!

Daryl Osborne

Wow my husband and I have never received such good service! We received the parcel on the 10th.

I want to thank you for your very prompt service. The barbeque is everything I hoped for, a problem when all I've seen is the picture. Napolean has always treated me well with issues that arose with my larger home barbeque. It's been a pleasure dealing with you.

Al Bieberstein

Purchased a Weber Summit S650. I have to say service was excellent. Salesperson spent the time to explain the different brands and models. There was no pressure sales tactics. These guys specialize and have top knowledge of their products.

Eric T.

Friendly, very helpful and knowledgeable sales people with a wide selection of quality BBQ's at reasonable prices. We love our Napoleon. Brings barbequing and grilling to a whole new level. Great after sales service too. I had one minor glitch and the "Shop" sent a technician out to my home and corrected it promptly and at no cost to me. I have, and will continue to go back to The BBQ Shop for all my bbq accesories and advice. Thanks Guys!

Bob L.

A COMPANY THAT STANDS BEHIND ITS PRODUCT!! I bought my Broil King BBQ from the BBQ shop in 2008. Since then I've had two minor problems with the BBQ and both times they have stood behind their product and given me replacement parts at no cost. I went in there expecting to pay for them and was pleasantly surprised when they told me that it was still under warranty. I didn't have records of my own but they took the time to find my purchase in their system to see what I was entitled to. Great Service! I would recommend this place to anyone who needs a new BBQ.

Simon G

To all future buyers of BBQ's and accessories I highly recommend the BBQ Shop! They have extremely knowledgeable staff and also but not least to me is their after sales service. After I purchased my BBQ I had phoned to ask questions almost every day. The staff at the BBQ Shop not only answered my questions but gave me other important tips that I wasn't aware of. They didn't rush of to the next customer like a lot of retailers do after two minutes on the phone, they stayed with me until I was completely sure of what I was doing. Thank you BBQ Shop.

Don Ross

The BBQ Shop, run by Mr. Nash Shivji, was by the far the BEST shopping experience I've had: the staff are incredibly friendly, helpful and really knowledgeable about BBQ's. If you need a BBQ, there's no need to go anywhere else...it's a little out of the way but believe me, it's worth it!

Lina Crossin

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